Your Sexuality is not important to us.

Male to Male massage – your sexuality is not important to us.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you mistakenly thought that the bulk of our client base were older gay men, it’s a very easy mistake to make. Being a male to male and naturist sensual service, you would probably just assume that it’s the case, but you would be quite far from the truth.

I have often been asked over the years, “who is your typical client?” – it’s such a difficult question to answer because there isn’t really a typical client for us. Our client base demographics follow no consistent pattern.

We receive men of all ages, from so young that you feel the need to ask for ID to ensure that you are not breaking any laws, to so old you wonder if they can still enjoy such a service! Admittedly, guys at the very young and very old of the range are in the minority, but other than that, it is very spread out, with more or less equal numbers of men visiting us in the 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s.

Are you gay?

Sexuality wise, it’s a real mixed bag too, but with “out gay” men definitely in the minority. We obviously never ask our clients about their sexuality, it’s really not important to us as we provide a high standard massage for all as standard, but many clients like to talk about it.

Naturist Sensual Massage certainly attracts a lot of men that are either curious and or discreet about their sexuality.

Types of clients

There are guys that go for a sensual massage that are confident about their sexuality, know that they like spending sensual time with a man, don’t ever want full sex or a relationship with men, but do enjoy a naturist sensual massage with a man’s hands all over his body. Most of these guys will tell you that they are straight

Who cares about what sexuality you are? If they enjoy having a naturist male to male massage, then good for them and great for us too. Nobody is getting hurt. A massage is a wonderful way to relax and is the perfect treat to yourself to de-stress, with our sensuality adding another level to that. Male to male massage has been a tradition since the Greek times and is something particular in its self.

First Time Curious? Your sexuality is not important for massage

I could really explore this subject in much finer detail (and do in my forever writing but never finishing book) – but for now, I just wanted to reassure you that we receive all types of clients and that your sexuality is not important to us. Don’t overthink it. Booking a male to male massage does not make you gay.

We will never ask you about your sexuality or situation, or judge you if you tell us about it. We just want you to come in, relax and enjoy your naturist male massage.

You might not even know yourself what your sexuality is, or you may suspect that there is some confusion to the label that yourself, or others, have given to you. This service massage is a space to forget about worldly labels and just take the moment for what it is and enjoy it.