Your Sexuality is not important to us.

Male to Male massage – your sexuality is not important to us.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you mistakenly thought that the bulk of our client base were older gay men, it’s a very easy mistake to make. Being a male to male and naturist sensual service, you would probably just assume that it’s the case, but you would be quite far from the truth.


I have often been asked over the years, “who is your typical client?” – it’s such a difficult question to answer because there isn’t really a typical client for us. Our client base demographics follow no consistent pattern.


We receive men of all ages, from so young that you feel the need to ask for ID to ensure that you are not breaking any laws, to so old you wonder if they can still enjoy such a service! Admittedly, guys at the very young and very old of the range are in the minority, but other than that, it is very spread out, with more or less equal numbers of men visiting us in the 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s.


Are you Gay?


Sexuality wise, it’s a real mixed bag too, but with “out gay” men definitely in the minority. We obviously never ask our clients about their sexuality, it’s really not important to us as we provide a high standard massage for all as standard, but many clients like to talk about it.


Naturist Sensual Massage certainly attracts a lot of men that are either confused or discreet about their sexuality. In my early days of working as a naturist masseur, this really shocked and fascinated me. I won’t lie, as an out gay man,  it often felt a huge turn on to be able to spend hands-on naked time, with these men that the general gay population wouldn’t stand a chance with, but like most things, over time, the scenario became very familiar and no longer had the same effect on me.


Types of not gay clients


Straight Guys


There are guys that go for a sensual massage that are confident about their sexuality, know that they like spending sensual time with a man, don’t ever want full sex or a relationship with men, but do enjoy a naturist sensual massage with a man’s hands all over his body. Most of these guys will tell you that they are straight. I have given up trying to label them, as there is really no need. I have had arguments with friends, who protest “If they are coming to you they must be Gay or at least Bi!” – and whilst I used to try and put these guys in such boxes myself, I no longer even bother thinking about it.  


Who cares about what sexuality they are? If they enjoy having a naturist massage off a bloke, then good for them and great for us too. Nobody is getting hurt. A massage is a wonderful way to relax and is the perfect treat to yourself to de-stress, with our sensuality adding another level to that.


Married with Kids


I would guesstimate that around 1 in 5 of our clients are either currently married or has been married and divorced from a woman and with (usually older) kids. Is that a higher chunk than you would have imagined? If you would have asked me to guess the number prior to my massage days, I probably would have guessed more like 1 in 100!


This group could be broken down into loads more subgroups, as their situations are all so different. There are those guys that their wives know that their man has bi tendencies, and are fully aware that they play away with other men occasionally, however, more often than not, the wives are completely clueless to what their hubbys are getting up to.


I used to feel a little guilty about this, like I was an accomplice to cheating, but you soon realise that these guys absolutely are still in love with their wives, hence they are still together, and as soon as they leave your massage table, you personally are insignificant and forgotten, in a good way.


True love lasts forever, a sensual massage usually 60 mins, if these guys can satisfy their man on man urges with our service, and that allows them to return to their wives and carry on the love story. No hard done again, I would say.


First Time Curious


These clients are not as common as the two types of clients mentioned above, but you can spot them a mile off when you open the door to them. They are usually youngish, very good looking, immaculately dressed, all qualities that should make them confident individuals, but they are trembling with nerves.


Obviously, we do our best to try and reassure these guys not to be nervous and to relax and enjoy, but the words don’t usually do much to calm them. Even now after years of working as a massage therapist, a very nervous client always transfers a little to me and I end up feeling nervous myself.


After my description of these guys, young and good looking etc, you would think that they would be a pleasure to massage, but the nerves put an initial dampener on that, and then something worse happens.


By the end of the massage they have usually relaxed somewhat and had their, let’s say, release, but then arrives the post-massage guilt. The nerves disappear and are replaced by the guilt of having just spent an hour with a man, groping them all over their naked body, sets in. The shame from them becomes palpable. I used to try and talk to them and bring them out of their shame pit, but after a few attempts at this, I realised it’s much better to say nothing and to let them come to terms with it in their own head in their own time.


Obviously, not all curious first-timers are exactly like this, I am generalising but there is enough of a pattern for me to be able to do so. I have had first-timers who say confidently from the offset “yeah not been with a guy before I like to try different things” and then after say, “yeah I enjoyed that but don’t think I will be doing again” – all without any shame or worry.


Sexuality is not important for massage


I could really explore this subject in much finer detail (and do in my forever writing but never finishing book) – but for now, I just wanted to reassure you that we receive all types of clients and that your sexuality is not important to us. Don’t overthink it. Booking a male to male massage does not make you gay.


We will never ask you about your sexuality or situation, or judge you if you tell us about it. We just want you to come in, relax and enjoy your naturist male massage.


You might not even know yourself what your sexuality is, or you may suspect that there is some confusion to the label that yourself, or others, have given to you. Our massage rooms are a place to forget about such labels and just take the moment for what it is and enjoy it.

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