Naturist Sensual Massage

Our signature service takes you on a naturist tantra journey and transports you to a new place of relaxation, that you have probably never reached before.

Always using quality massage oils, both you and your massage therapist naked, we  sensually massage your whole body, slowly building up the intensity of the sensuality as we go. Yin Yang – it will prove to be both a relaxing and stimulating experience.

The complexity of the strokes will ensure that the end result is much more satisfying than usual.

All of our guys have been trained to read your body and truly deliver the most satisfying of massage experiences.

The service is carried out with both you and your guy naked to ensure equilibrium

It is not an escort service but it is very likely that due to the sensual nature you will climax at some point.

It is recommended that the service is carried in silence, this allows your mind to follow the body throughout the naturist massage, but if a client prefers to have a chat then, of course, this is allowed.