My first visit to a nudist beach

As you may have noticed, I have been a little lazy on the blog side of this site. In the early days, well 4 years ago, to help get my site ranked and promoted by google I blogged with gusto, but now that I am lucky enough to have my diary filled with repeat clients, the motivation to write has faded.


If you follow me on Twitter or have been to see me recently, you may know already, but to those that don’t, I am moving to Malaga in September. I have put a lot of thought into the decision (out of character for me), and I know it will be a great move for me. I have lived there previously for 3 years, and they were my happiest of life so far, so it just makes sense.


I plan on continuing my occupation as a massage therapist out there, by opening a shop in Torremolinos, but I am not sure if the demand is there like it is here, and I will be starting from scratch again, so of course I am a little apprehensive about it all, but I will give it my all and see how it goes. No harm in trying, right?


I will be starting a new website for my Spanish venture, but this site will be remaining live, with hopefully a few of Manchester’s best gay massage therapist (once the real best has left obvs haha).


With that in mind, I need to boost my rankings again and so will be blogging a little more before I go.


I thought I would start that by telling you about my recent visit to a nudist beach. It is quite in keeping with the site. I am not a naturist/nudist, although I know from speaking to clients that there is a common perception that I am. I started to offer a naturist service, as that is what the clients were all asking for. In the early days, I would feel a little shy about getting my kit off, but to be honest, even after just a few weeks of doing it, I no longer even realised I was naked half the time. It became very natural.


Many of my clients are naturist, and I have always felt them get e a little disappointed when I tell them that I’m not one. I have had a few clients over the years that are straight, but choose to come to me because most massage therapist insist that they keep their boxers on or cover them throughout. I generally take the “straight” comment with a pinch of salt these days, but the guys that I am mentioning I have no doubt at all they were straight. They simply wanted to enjoy a massage naked. The way that they were born.


I ’m just back from a city break to Berlin, what an amazing place. After a few days of heavy sightseeing, I fancied doing something a little more relaxing. A google search brought up Strandband Wannsee. It’s a large lido with a man-made beach. It sounded perfect, as the weather was amazing and I just wanted to chill. I had already made my decision to visit before I read that it had a nude section of the beach.

A picture I took of the beach, obviously no pics allowed of the nude section, which was much busier than this!


The Lido is around 40 minutes on the train from the centre of Berlin where I was staying. I was having an internal debate with myself on the journey there, about whether to try the nude beach or not. The argument went a little like


Conservative Kevin “it’s a bit weird, it will be full of 60-year-old german women with bushy fannys”

Liberal Kevin “But you are always saying you like to try new things, this is a new thing”

Conservative Kevin “Go rowing on the lake then you Perve, that’s a new thing for you”

Liberal Kevin “But I can’t blog about rowing”

Conservative Kevin “Nobody wants to read about you going nude on a beach anyway. I bet you will get an erection you slag”

Liberal Kevin “But many of my clients are into naturism I will be able to understand them more. Shit what if I do get an erection?”.


The journey was 40 minutes and the argument went on most the journey. But I won’t give you the full conversation in fear of being sectioned. In the end, I decided just to see how I felt when I got there.


Being the eager beaver (no pun) that I am, I arrived too early and had to wait outside half hour outside. There were a really wide mix of people early and waiting too. But 3 of them were the hottest men I had seen in a long time. I had another debate with myself whether if they were attending the nude section it was a good or a bad thing (erection concerns again). Once the gates opened I allowed the whole crowd of people to enter before me, before paying my 5 euros and entering.


Once in there, it was like my body was taking over. I followed the FKK signs (German for nudey area, have a google for more info it’s quite interesting). On auto-pilot still, I found my spot, lay my towel, and took off my kit. It felt wonderful.


I don’t know why, but I always assimilated something sexual with naturism. But once on that beach naked, I instantly got it. There is nothing sexual about it at all, just a feeling of freedom and liberty that is impossible to achieve with clothes on. The people on the beach were friendly, but there were no wondering eyes or secret glances. Admittedly I had to keep check on my own eyes, but cut me some slack I am new to this.


I lay there bare reading my book, the breeze occasionally blowing on my balls, and I felt a feeling of calm, similar to when I meditate. Most of the fellow nudist were in couples or groups, so I googled if it was bad etiquette to go to a nude beach alone, turns out providing you are not there to stare at people, it is ok. I kept my eyes glued to my kindle at all times.


I am not generally a beach person at all, I rarely went to the beach when I lived a mere 5 min walk away from one last time I was in Malaga, but I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I did get bored at one point and decided to go for a swim. Then I realised you had to walk out really far before it got deep enough to swim, and all the non nudies on the adjacent beach could see you. I had grown comfortable with my new like minded folk, but this did set a bit of panic in me. I built up the courage to go for a swim eventually, but in all honesty, I was really self conscious on that walk out to the swim area, and as such I didn’t really enjoy.


After 4 hours of nudity I was suitably refreshed and recharged, so I decided to head back to central Berlin for some more exploring. I did go via the non nudist beach to go and have a perve at them 3 super hot guys, they were playing beach volleyball. Perving is allowed with shorts on in my books.


So my first visit to a nudist beach was an extremely pleasant one, and one that I look forward to repeating again.