Lingam Massage

What is lingam massage?
In Tantra, the penis is called the Lingam, which in Sanskrit can be translated as “Wand of Light.”
Lingham Massage is an Ancient form of Sacred Touch that Harmoniously Unites Sexuality, Spirituality with Body & Mind…

In today’s world lingham massage is “sold” to lovers for the benefit of bringing new aspects to their sexual relationship ~ a deeper connection, a richer and more fulfilling sex life, and intimate knowing of the other.

But there are good lingham Therapists such as that offer this sacred art for healing & tantric initiation.


Held within us all, is a limitless power that we have suppressed & laid to lie mostly dormant in our genital area, using it only for the primitive act of sex, but we can achieve much more pleasure with it

  • Lingham massage is good for our body in several ways because it:
    Heal our body & mind.
    Promote the release of sexual trauma or difficulties, be it from abuse or giving birth… impotence, premature ejaculation, fear of sexual commitment, relationships & intimacy.
    Grounds us within our body, igniting self love & respect.
    Awakens us to our true self & highest potential.
    Allows enlightenment to be realised, for it happens within this human skin not as an escapism to another dimension.
    Supports us in feeling safe in our own skin & lives while surrendering to life’s natural flow.
    Encourages sex to be a whole body & loving experience without goals or agendas of the mind.
    Enrich our relationship with our true self.
    Deeply connect us with another.
    Allow our senses to awaken, living a sensual life.
    Give us an immense pleasure & satisfaction in life.
    Release a creative force that weaves in & out of our daily lives.
    Unleash our potentials as a spiritual being.
    Expand our consciousness.
    Bring a sense of presence to our life.
    Reveal a way of seeing life without the illusions of the mind…
    Allow bliss to permeate into each moment of life.
    Unite our masculine energies, our sexuality & spirituality, promoting wholeness within.

Orgasm is not the objective of the Lingam massage but it can be a pleasant and welcome side effect. The objective of Lingam massage, including the testicles, perineum and the secret spot (prostate) externally, is that the man surrenders himself to a form of pleasure he is not used to. One has to learn to relax and to receive. Traditional sexual attitudes have forced the man into a conductance oriented mode. The Lingam Massage lets the man experience his softer, receiving side to a pleasure in a non-traditional perspective way, Lingam massage ensures total relaxation of body and mind. A total surrender and flow of energy reigns all over you and afterwards, you experience total freedom and relaxation. This state of mind can be experienced for hours and sometimes even days after the massage

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Preparation for the Lingam massage
This erotic massage is given in nicely warm and attractively decorated massage rooms.
Before starting the massage, you have a lovely shower with the masseur Afterwards you take your position on a massage bed or couch.

With cushions under your head in order to see you everything properly and cushions under your hips to conduct the Lingam massage well… with your legs spread, your knees slightly bent and genitals clearly exposed, you start a breathing exercise together with the masseuse in order to aid relaxation. The masseur gently starts to massage your legs, abdomen, thighs, chest, nipples, etc., to make you relax more.