Let’s end the “happy end” massage stigma.

When I first became a sensual masseur, I was highly embarrassed about my occupation, to the point I would always lie about what I did for a living and only my very close friends knew the truth. But as time has passed, after 300+ clients, I have seen that sensual massage is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is time we lose the stigma related to the service.

Human being have sexual instincts and desires. It is embedded into our genetics, and our species would have  long disappeared without them. We get hunger, we eat, so why not when we feel the urge for sexual gratification or release, should we not satisfy the natural desire with a service?

Of course, masturbation is always a readily available source for sexual desire relief, but it is lacking in connection and the gratifiaction of communication by touch. The process is usually over in a minute, and whilst it does satisfy the urge, it isn’t an experience. Can you remember an individual wank?

With a sensual massage, if done by a professional masseur, the massage in itself is beneficial. The working of your muscles will relieve tension,move toxins and get you completely relaxed, before any sensual techniques are used. Whilst your body relaxes, your mind has no choice but to follow, leaving you in a semi meditative state and open to suggestion.

This feeling of complete alleviation in itself is highly beneficial to your health and well-being, but then by progressing on to the sensual element of the massage, you can command a higher level of sexual enlightenment that cannot be reached self pleasuring.

You have no control in the process, and it is this element of surprise and submission, that opens up your subconscious mind and increases your sexual intelligence, including: control (stopping yourself from ejaculating), exhibitionism, self-restraint (only accepting the pleasure and not giving it in return) and trust (we are most vulnerable naked and lying down at the hands of somebody else).


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These lessons in sexual intelligence are excellent for sexual personal development. They cannot be learned from visiting an escort, and I dislike  how the two services are often seen as comparable. This isn’t because I see escorts as inferior, it’s just a completely different service, and whilst I respect their service, it shouldn’t be confused with going for a sensual massage.

A sensual massage can be highly effective in the treatment of:

  • Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation has probably affected every male at some point in their life. The cause for it is different for everybody, but is often caused by inexperience or anxiety. If you often shoot long before you would like to, then a regular sensual massage will really benefit you. Fact.

To improve in this area, it is important to advise your masseur that you suffer with the problem so they can tailor the service and ensure that they address the issue. You will not be judged and you will gain so much more from the session.

I always ask regulars that I have noticed have the issue of premature ejaculation, to give me a tap when they want me to switch from sensual massage techniques, to distracting techniques that intentionally reduce the likelihood of a shoot too-soon scenario.

Using this technique I have had many clients with regular practice, dramatically increase the resistance power, and I have had gratifying testimonials from guys that have used the skill learnt to improve sex lives from the extra control.

I have seen clients that initially have cum at me literally just touching their penis, to learn to withhold until the very last minute.

  • Stress

A therapeutic non sensual massage helps to reduce stress levels, but add to the mix the endorphin’s that are released from climaxing , and you have a stress-buster super-pill.

Often stress will be the leading cause a lack of sexual desire, meaning that if partnered you are sleeping with your loved one less than they would like, or if single you have passed quite some time without masturbating. Whilst you may not be concerned with your lack of desire, it isn’t healthy for your overall well-bein. We are naturally designed to have sexual impulses, a lack of it is a serious sign of something wrong.

Going for a sensual massage gives you time to relax deeply and discharge some sexual tension, that you may not even know that you contain. I have had many clients tell me at the start of the service “don’t be worried if I don’t get hard”, only to achieve healthy erections and enjoy the sexual side of it.

Sometimes, you just need a change of circumstance and environment to break the cycle of lack of sexual desire.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is crucial to our genetic makeup, it allows us to sense dangers and hazards, but everybody creates anxieties about sex that affect our performance and enjoyment. Am I big enough? Do I cum too quickly? Is my partner also enjoying? These types of sexual anxiety are completely non-beneficial.

A sensual massage can help address these issues because the focus is on your enjoyment exclusively. Whilst receiving the service your mind will drift and take you places such as what you fantasise about and how you react to certain techniques. By learning about what pleases you, you will undoubtedly become more enlightened to your role in the bedroom. Sex is a two way street, and you will become more confident about which way you are going.

I believe the biggest sexual skill is confidence, and by exploring your sexual side in a non confrontational manner is key to further success.

  • Relationship issues

This is a controversial issue, many think that those  that are in a relationship should not visit a sensual masseur, but I disagree. The most common problem with long term relationships is things becoming a little stagnant  and unexciting in the sex department.

Breaking the routine and going for a sensual massage can awaken your sex drive and give your relationship the push that is needed.

Before becoming a sensual masseur, I would have been extremely opposed to this concept, but I now have first hand knowledge of countless clients that have revitalised their sex lives with a visit to me for a massage. I like to think of our individual sex lives as a muscle. If you exercise and feed it, it will grow and grow, do nothing and it turns to lifeless fat.

Whilst it could be considered “cheating” to some, having a sensual massage is not a mutually beneficial exchange. The Masseur is doing their profession and the client is receiving a service. It isn’t an act of love or passion,  it is simply a beneficial service, like having your haircut or your car washed.

Love, long outlives sexual desire for our partners, unfortunately, but my biggest tip for those struggling with lost lust for your partner, is to avoid at all cost the concept of an open relationship, but instead to try using a sensual masseur to bring back a bit of life. I recommend both trying a different Masseur and having a conversation about what you enjoyed and disliked. Some Masseurs offer a couples massage and they can be very useful, just don’t confuse the service with a threesome!

So in 2016 maybe it is time we open our minds to alternative therapies and ways of looking at things. What is wrong with openly acknowledging our adult natural urges and seeking a remedy that we enjoy and will be beneficial?

A sensual massage isn’t a seedy endeavour that we should be ashamed of, it is quite simply an effective treatment for an everyday problem.