Getting the most out of your naturist massage

A naturist oil massage will always be a pleasurable experience, but here are some options to consider for getting the most out of your naturist massage.
Through having so many massages myself with different types of therapists and environments, it has really made me re-evaluate for myself, what I enjoy when receiving a massage, but also to be more considerate of what a client wants too.

I want to share with you some minor small changes that can help you get the most out of your naturist massage with us.

Here are some examples:

Massage Music

From day 1, I have always played some kind of massage music for clients.
A lot of my repeat clients I’m quite happy to play their play list. Also, you can request no music.

Sometimes having no music or talking, can really allowed you to “feel” the massage. Sounds a bit hocus pocus, but, one can start to feel a different benefit to the service. Often the effect is that with your mind concentrating more on the muscle that was being worked rather than the vibe of the music.

Without massage music or talking, so complete silence, you get into a kind of meditative state, and so if the massage itself is of quality and intensity then you come away feeling ultra-relaxed. We get you well into the parasympathetic nervous response!

Why not give it a try? You are always welcome to make any requests with any of our guys when it comes to music and talking during your massage. I would highly recommend trying a silent massage at least once and see if you experience the same mental as well as muscle benefits that I did.
Another option is to create your own playlist and we will happily play that for you!

Talking during your massage

Kind of the same theme but still wanted to point out. When I go for a massage myself, I hate it when my therapist wants to chat away. Especially the ones that don’t get the hint with my grunts and one-word answers and continue to bark on. However, chatting away during the massage is ok too. It’s your massage and we can roll your way each time you visit.

The fact of the matter is, you are in control, and any professional massage therapist will be receptive and sensitive enough to just mirror your lead.

Pressure / Touch

I’m ticklish as hell – so when I go for a massage, a firm pressure is always required. From experience, I know that most clients, even if not ticklish like myself, still prefer a deeper firmer massage rather than gentle swishy strokes.

One of the benefits of seeing a male therapist, for me at least, is that they are just naturally less ticklish and firmer. There is just a different feel from a man’s touch than women. I’ve just had lots of massages from both sexes and I know what I personally felt, for a Naturist Oil Massage, the gender does make a difference, and the men are generally firmer and deeper.

That said everybody has different levels of pain/pleasure thresholds, what is tick list for me could be too deep for you, it’s not one size fits all for us as your therapist, so when it comes to pressure, please be vocal if we are not getting it right straight away for you.

A good therapist will welcome you asking for more or less pressure, I certainly do.


Your requests and small changes or speaking up for requests can make a big difference to your overall experience and enjoyment of the massage so please speak up.

You are paying good money for the experience, so your enjoyment is always the most important thing.

But if you don’t say what you prefer, we don’t know!

Please don’t be shy when it comes to getting the most out of your service!

I look forward to meeting you soon.