Getting the most out of your naturist massage

Getting the most out of your naturist massage

A naturist oil massage with one of our hot guys will always be a pleasurable experience, but here are some options to consider for getting the most out of your naturist massage. As regular readers/followers will know, I am currently out in Asia, primarily Bangkok,  but I’ve also just spent some time in Cambodia. I have greedily been having a massage most days. They are so darn cheap it’s very hard not to.


Through having soooo many massages with different types of therapists and environments, it has really made me re-evaluate for myself, what I enjoy when receiving a massage, but also to be more considerate of what a client wants too.


I want to share with you some minor small changes that can help you get the most out of your naturist massage with us.


Here are some examples:


Massage Music


From day 1, I have always played some kind of massage music for new clients. Generally, just a auto-generated Spotify playlist of generic panpipe and relaxing shit. When you hear this kind of music all day every day, you literally stop hearing it. When I worked from home, sometimes friends would come round and say “Kevin will you turn this crap off……” and I wouldn’t have even realised it was still playing in the background!


A lot of my repeat clients, eventually,  as they got to know me and my love of music, would say to just play my own stuff, and so I had a few chilled out but less “panpipe” playlists that I could bang out. I liked these clients. Think Jill Scott & Erykah Badu.


But one thing I had never even considered, is having no music at all. Not so much here in Thailand (where gentle massage music is the norm), but in Cambodia, most of the massages were carried out in complete silence. No massage music, no talking.


The lack of talking was maybe sometimes due to the lack of English knowledge, but the no music surprised me.


At first, I thought I didn’t like it. But then after the second one, I noticed that having no music or talking, really allowed me to “feel” the massage. Sounds a bit hocus pocus, but, I did start to feel a different benefit to the service. I felt my mind concentrating on the muscle that was being worked rather than the ching chong ching of the music.


Without massage music or talking, so complete silence, you get into a kind of meditative state, and so if the massage itself is of quality (it was very hit and miss in Cambodia), then you come away feeling ultra relaxed. Almost stoned!


Why not give it a try? You are always welcome to make any requests with any of our guys when it comes to music and talking during your massage. I would highly recommend trying a silent massage at least once, and see if you experience the same mental as well as muscle benefits that I did. 


Another option is to create your own playlist and we will happily play that for you!


Talking during your massage


Kind of the same theme but still wanted to point out. When I go for a massage myself, I hate it when my therapist wants to chat away. Especially the ones that don’t get the hint with my grunts and one-word answers and continue to bark on. However, when I am the massage therapist and giving a massage, the chatty clients are a godsend, the times just flies by and you’re onto your break before you know it. (afterthought – so sorry guys on my site, for just promoting silent massage haha).


I think a lot of clients struggle with understanding where they stand when it comes to talking during their naturist massage. They don’t want to feel rude or unsociable, but equally, may just want to chill out, or perhaps they want to chat to get to know their guy but feel like they are being nosey or disrupting the service.


The fact of the matter is, you are in control, and any professional massage therapist will just mirror you.


Your therapist will more likely prefer to chat, but you are paying for a service, and if your job involves you talking all day with clients, you highly likely just want to lie and zone out. It’s your service, and that should completely be respected.


If you went to the hairdressers and asked for ‘just a trim’ but they shaved off all of your hair, you would be mad. Putting it polite. Talking during a massage really affects the overall experience, and therefore as the paying customer, it is entirely up to you how much talking goes on.


Pressure / Touch


I’m ticklish as hell (as some of you have discovered for yourselves haha) – so when I go for a massage, a firm pressure is required at all times. From experience, I know that most clients, even if not ticklish like myself, still prefer a deeper firmer massage rather than gentle swishy strokes.


One of the benefits of seeing a male therapist, for me at least,  is that they are just naturally less ticklish and firmer. There is just a different feel from a man’s touch than women’s. I don’t want the gender equality police on my case here, I’ve just had tons of massages from both sexes and I know what I personally felt.


Now don’t get me wrong, go for a Thai Massage, and the little 5 stone lady will kick the living shit out of you, there will be nothing ticklish about it at all. But for a Naturist Oil Massage, the gender does make a difference, and the men are generally firmer and deeper.


My best ever massage was by a woman, but the next 10 in the list are probably men. (Judging purely on the massage now guys 😉


Everybody has different levels of pain/pleasure thresholds, what is ticklist for me could be too deep for you,  it’s not one size fits all for us as your therapist, so when it comes to pressure, please be vocal if we are not getting it right straight away for you.


A good therapist (like all of our guys), will welcome you asking for more or less pressure.




We really do welcome your requests and small changes or speaking up for requests can make a big difference to your overall experience and enjoyment of the massage.


You are paying good money for the experience, so your enjoyment is always the most important thing to us.


But if you don’t say what you prefer, we don’t know!


Please don’t be shy when it comes to getting the most out of your service!


Final note


If you check out the last post, you will see that I tried to outsource writing my blog content, and the content was not really of use nor ornament to a living sausage. Hopefully, you find this a little more useful, especially if you are a client and thinking or considering becoming one. We want you to get the most out of your time with us, so you come back!


I will continue with the blog and I will bring back some of the naturist and sensual / erotica side to it too. I know that is where the traffic is at!


Love from Bangkok