Erections during a massage.

Arousal During Massage

You enter a dark lit room with a complete stranger. They tell you calmly, “please take off all your clothes and lie down”. You do as they say. It would be a bit strange to not.

You lie naked on a comfy massage table. Your head says “I am having a massage, this is body beneficial and will do wonders for my health stress levels and wellness”.

You have a deep ingrained subconscious that may feel arousal due to all your senses being sensitised too, this is completely natural, healthy and expected. You are not a politically correct robot but a living breathing and feeling human.

The world of massage and sex is often a confused world. The services offered on this site are aimed at those who want the sensual side to a massage, massage is a wonderful beneficial experience that everybody should use regularly, even if not for the sensual side. Joining your mind and body sexual energy and sensuality together for a therapeutic and very natural experience that is a remove from the everyday pretence that we are sexless professionals or units of production in the world. The main human drive sensual and this service honours and acknowledges this.

So, whether you are coming to us for a male to male sensual massage, or just going to your local gym sports masseur – what the deal is with erections during a massage.

Sensual Massage

Although we celebrate sensuality in sensual massage. I cannot stress enough, that it is not sex. Sex is a two way– but a sensual massage is you lying back, and enjoying both the benefits of a great massage, whilst being somewhat pleased in a sensual manner. You may feel aroused. The arousal may cause an erection, and that erection is acknowledged, often utilised to gain benefit from the service, but should never be ashamed of. We massage therapists know the male body. We know that stroking and stimulating areas of the male body, can cause a reaction.

If you want to take control of your desires in a sexual way, then book an escort, not a male to male sensual masseur. They are double the price and much less qualified and satisfying – so just do not confuse the two.

Sports / Swedish Massage

So, you book a massage that is not of a sensual nature, they still tell you to get naked – and all of the above applies – but it is a different story as the erection phobia doubles.

But if not booked for a sensual service, your therapist should, professionally, always keep your private regions covered. You might (and probably will if they massage inner thighs and glutes) get at least a semi erection. But please, don’t stress.

A good massage therapist knows the score and should be subtle in paying no attention to any erections during your massage – to massage a muscle well, you need to be focused 100% at that muscle being worked, so if not a sensual massage.

But a massage should ideally be spent in a total state of non-thinking. The best way to enjoy any type of massage is to get into a meditative state and just be present. This is a skill in itself and the more massages you have the more easily you will acquire this state.