Erections during a massage.

You enter a dark lit room with a complete stranger. They tell you calmly, “please take off all your clothes and lie down”. You do as they say. It would be a bit strange to not.


You lie naked on a comfy bed. Your head says “I am having a massage, this  is body beneficial and will do wonders for my health”.


Unfortunately, you have a deep ingrained subconscious that says,  if a stranger tells you to get naked and I will be with you in a minute, you are going to put that dick to use.


Then they start to rub you all over, and it is more that the prefrontal cortex that you have to contend to, to keep the dick wood in check.


The world of massage and sex is a confused  murky world. Our site is aimed at those that want the sensual side to a body rub, but massage is a wonderful benefit that everybody should use regularly, even if not for the sensual side.


Our website is very clear that it is a sensual massage service, but still, one of my most received emails is about erection phobia. “I want to visit but what if I get hard”!!!!!!


I wanted to lay a few things out clear – so whether you are coming to us for a male to male sensual massage, or just going to your local gym sports masseur – what the deal is with erections during a massage.


Sensual Massage


All of our guys offer a sensual massage. I cannot stress enough, that it is not sex. Sex is a two way street (unless you are a selfish cunt) – but a sensual massage is you lying back, and enjoying both the benefits of a great massage, whilst being somewhat pleased in an erotic manner. Again, I stress, not sex. You may feel aroused. The arousal will cause an erection. And that erection is acknowledged, often utilised to gain benefit from the service, but should never be ashamed of, or equally, you should not force the fact that it is there on your therapist. Let the sensual male therapist know what to do.


If you want to take control of your desires in a sexual way, then book an escort, not a male to male sensual masseur. They are double the price and much less qualified and satisfying (in most cases). – so just do not confuse the two.


If booking a sensual massage with us, an erection is nothing to be feared of – don’t even let it enter your head – what will be will be.


Sports / Swedish Massage


So you book a massage that is not of a sensual nature, they still tell you to get naked – and all of the above applies – but it is a different story as the erection phobia doubles.


But it isn’t as bad as you think. We massage therapist know the male body. We know that stroking and stimulating areas of the male body, can cause a reaction. I only need to go on a bus without good suspension and get hard. Its nature.


But if not booked for a sensual service, your therapist should professionally, keep your private regions covered at all times. You might (and probably will if they massage inner thighs and glutes) get at least a semi erection. But please, don’t stress.


A good massage therapist knows the score, and should be subtle in paying no attention to any erections during your massage – to massage a muscle well, you need to be focused 100% at that muscle being worked, so if not a sensual massage, your cock should not be being watched anyway.

It just happens


I am a total spoilt bitch at the minute living in Bangkok where I can get a massage for the same price as my lunch. I probably have 4 a week – a good mixture of men and women. I used to stress about the erection during a massage issue. I developed my own technique – I would work out what days my next bills came out of my account and how much or think of all the places I hated living – and it would give me an instant softy.


But a massage should be spent in a total state of non thinking. The best way to enjoy any type of massage is to get into a meditative state and just be present. And being present is not worrying if your little man is getting excited and trying to tame him.


So whether you are going for a sensual naturist male to male massage – or just a sports massage with the guy at the local gym. Focus on the there and now and getting the most out of your massage. Massage is about your enjoyment and improving your wellbeing and mind.


And if little Kev (or insert your name) decides to have a moment – fuck him.