Ask me about my Massage Service

Hey guys

I recently emailed out and asked for questions that you would like answered. Thank you to everyone that replied with some great questions – here goes….

How do you managed to show restraint and not get turned on whilst your massaging?

Well, obviously I am only human and I very often do get turned on when providing an erotic massage. My restraint comes from wanting to provide a good service to all of my clients. Once I have cum, I loose the sexual energy I need to perform a great sensual massage, so I just keep this in mind and manage to resist. Of course there are times when temptation gets the better of me 😉

Have you had any famous clients for a massage?

I offer all of my clients 100% discretion, if I had or haven’t, even my best friend wouldn’t know!

Have you ever fell for a client and wanted them as more than a client?

I have had loads of clients that I am really attracted to, but it’s obviously best not to mix business with pleasure. I did have (looks and deamaner wise) the man of my dreams, I asked if he fancied a bit of regular NSA fun, but he said that he was just for-filling a fantasy to try it with a man and didn’t want to try again. Damn.

Are there any points that you dislike in a client?

As my clients know, I am very laid back and chilled (almost to a fault), so not many things annoy or upset me, but I think my biggest bugbear is people not respecting their appointment time and knocking early – its happen a few times where a client is embarrassed to leave because the next client has arrived too early. The only other thing I can think of is unclean clients, for obvious reasons.

Do you go for massages yourself? Would you consider a massage swap?

I love receiving a massage, so yes of course I go for them, but I opt for a sports, thai or swedish massage rather than a sensual service. As for massage swaps, I get loads and loads of requests for this but it isn’t something I am interested in, I think it’s best done by a professional like myself 🙂

What is the worst experience you have had so far?

I have been extremely lucky I have only had one bad experience in 19 months of working as a Masseur, and that was a client that refused to pay for his service that he clearly fully enjoyed, his words “I am a good looking guy I thought it was free”. I don’t know which mirror he had been using but wouldn’t mind one myself.

Why don’t you offer your escort service anymore?

I just decided that it was devaluing the effort I have put into becoming a great masseur. I don’t feel any stigma attached to escorts it’s a service and both parties are mutually benefiting, and I actually used to quite enjoy it, but I feel it gives the wrong impression that my service isn’t really a massage so I decided to stop. If I really fancy a client and it is my last client of the day, I am happy to have a bit of fun without extra money, but it needs to be somebody that I would want to sleep with if I met in a bar etc.


Sorry if I haven’t answered your question that you emailed, I picked the ones that I were most comfortable answering but if you have a question feel free to email or text me and I will answer you that way 🙂