5 things I have learnt since being a naked masseur


1/ The shocking amount of men married to women whom like to visit a male masseur.


When I first decided to become a masseur for men, I naively presumed that most of my clients would be older out gay men. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is actually extremely rare that a client of mine is openly gay, with the majority of my clients being men that are married to women, but enjoy a bit of man on man action from time to time.


I am completely discreet and non judgemental, and I never ask too many questions with my clients, but some of them like to tell me about their life with her indoors! I am happy to provide a service to these clients. Everybody has their reasons for living the life they live, who are we to judge?


I sometimes do feel a little bad for the clueless wife, but between me and you, it also turns me on a little too.


2/ The ability to control when I shoot.


I will admit, I was previously never good at holding back, generally shooting a lot quicker than I would have liked, but these days after much practice, I can completely control when I shoot.


My clients like to have a little play with my cock of course, and with sometimes seeing 5 clients a day, the control comes in very handy! I provide a much better erotic massage when I haven’t unloaded, so it serves me well to be able to resist, no matter how much a client tries.


The newly developed skill works wonders for business and pleasure!


3/ It’s not necessarily good looks that turn me on.


I always thought I had a very clear idea of what type a guy turned me on, turns out I had no idea at all.


Guy’s that previously I wouldn’t have looked at twice in the street have come to visit me and got me horny as hell. It doesn’t come down to looks at all, some guys just have a demeanor or personality that really does it for me, I end up with a raging stiffy before I have even got started with these guys!


I have had clients visit me with model good looks, I don’t know whether it’s nerves or self consciousness, but with the stunners I always struggle to get aroused!


4/ It’s not a seedy world


A lot of people think negatively of what I do for a profession, but I have learned not to care what people think.I absolutely love my work, it is the most content I have been in a job since I have left school, and I have had a fair few!


I can honestly say since I have been doing massage (started in March), I haven’t had one bad experience with a client. My clients have all been very respectful towards me and never push my buttons too far.


I expected for the occasional problem client, but, touch wood, none to date!


5/ The more action you get, the more you want!


Shocking as it may sound, I used to have an extremely low sex drive before I started in the massage profession. I could go months without getting it, rarely even wanking, and really not be bothered by lack of action.


Since changing to spending my days providing an erotic service, I am constantly horny! I wake up horny, go to bed horny, and spend most of the bit inbetween horny. My cock has never seen so much action!


To be quite honest though I rarely get much action outside of work, what I do for a living puts most men off, which I completely understand.