5 benefits of going nude for a massage


Being naked allows you to completely relax and feel free. It is perfectly natural whilst having a massage for a man to get an erection, it’s a normal reaction to your nerves and muscles being stimulated.

Wearing clothes can restrict the natural flow of your body and cause you to get concerned about this, rather than relaxing and being mindful to enjoy your massage fully.


Being naked means your Masseur can fully explore your body, and fully massage your buttocks, glutes and lower back, without clothing getting in the way of a full body massage.


The main benefit of a massage is to relieve tension. From experience, being fully nude allows you to reach a more mindful state so you reap the physiological benefits along with the physical. We didn’t come into this world wearing clothes now did we?


If both the client and the Masseur are naked, it allows a closer bond and mutual trust to be formed. Inhibitions should always be left off the massage table, and the feeling of being naked with somebody, who is not a partner, encourages confidence growth and is great for self esteem.

It is great for mental health to develop respect for your own body regardless of shape and size, whilst being able to appreciate another male nude with you and respecting your differences,


Pure liberation. It is very liberating to strip down preconceived notions that have been drilled into since being a child, that nakedness is socially unacceptable and wrong. Simply removing the barriers that the textiles we wear day to day put up can be very liberating.

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